Ashley's Bio
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Ashley began her freestyle career by collaborating with a childhood friend High Power Recording artist Reinaldo. They got wind of a young and talented musician /Producer Jose " Boogie Down" Baez . and Ashley first single Don"t Let Me go which was released on Nightmare Records. It received allot of airplay in the region and led Ashley to be approached by an upcoming Group called Vocal Image which Ashley sang background vocals on the groups first single Do you Believe in Me? which was distributed by Metropolitan/Viper Records in 1994. Ashley performed with this group and also kept her Solo career in motion by opening up for artist such as David Mic Mac records,Reinaldo, Bobby Delante,Stefanie Bennett, Kuriosity, and has also headlined her own shows throughout the east coast.

Idol Maker Records

In 1995 Ashley was approached by William Billy Idol Vigil of IdolMaker Records who immediately signed Ashley who s singles Over& Over and Deceive Me appeared on Idol makers CD entitled Freestyle Connecticut Style / Hot Productions.,which received national and international exposure for Ashley.Ashley single Over& Over Charted to #1 on 7 freestyle radio Shows across the US.Ashley is currently waiting for the release of IdolmakerRecords follow-up Cd Entitled "Generation Nex" On Hot Records which will feature her single "The Only One".

Upcoming Projects: Ashley is currently in the recording studio finishing her full Length Lp which will include her hits Over & Over and a Re Mix of her Singles Don't Let Me Go and Deceive Me . Ashley is also releasing a single in the Spring of 2001 entitled Quit all those games on Flipzide recordings, as well as a remix of her first single Dont let me go which will be appearing Willie Valentin Compilation slated on Hot/JWP Music 2001.

Ashley's Musical: Contacts Ashley has worked with producer/ Songwriter Phillip Andruela {George Lamond}, Willie Valentin of Artistik Records ,Adam Marano Viper Records and Jose Boogie Down Baez, Idol Maker Records and Frankie Hernandez Idolmaker Records and William Billy Idol CEO /Producer of IdolMaker Records.

Personal Info: Leslie Jimenez Ruscito born in New Britain Connecticut, is residing in Plainville, CT. Ashley is CEO of Arixis MusicWorks Publishing ASCAP