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From: My Precious Love
Date: Wed, Jun 10, 1998, 12:03pm
To: Armando
Subject: Hello

Look I know that u are very upset with me and at times I can not blame you. Where this whole stareted and where it fell apart I do not know. I know that yo had gotten mad when you heard my greeting aboutt two weeks ago. I attempeted to call you but you never returned my calls or my pages. I received your card and I wanna thank u for that and for a lot of the sweet things that u do. But I do not know how you can be so upset with me. First of all I am not gonna lie to you I am with somone and to tell you the truth he is the only gut that I have grown to trust in a long time. We had our thing going and I know that It is not right for me to talk to you about another man but I feel that I owe you the truth. I am sorry for the way things has ended but I am not sorry for ever hooking up with my man. Look I want us to at least be friends. You are one of the only people that understands me and I would hate to loose our friendship. You can hate me for not calling or writing but you can not hate me for finding someone that cares for me not everything else. Like the money the cars or what have you. Besides how were you expecting things to work anyways you are there and I am here. All we had going for us was the hopes of being together. And as you can see it did not get us anywhere.. Do not be mad at me. Well I gotta go hope to hear from you soon...


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