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Welcome! If you've found you're way to my FreeStyle Page, then I assume you like FreeStyle or LOVE it. This lil' site I've created is for people like you, to explore FreeStyle. I bet you didn't know there was that many sites regarding to FreeStyle huh? Well, that's what I thought at first. Until one day, I was fooling around the NET and decided to SEARCH for the word "FreeStyle" or "FreeStyle Music". It took me to these pages where people actually talked about the music I LOVE. I never knew there where FreeStyle sites out in cyberspace. Now, for those that didn't, now YOU know. Anyways, this page ain't all that, but at least it shows the support I have for FreeStyle. By the ways, thanks for visiting this site and please, be kind and sign the guestbook.

Anyways, this page will be dedicated to the music I was born to love--FreeStyle. FreeStyle has been "in my heart" since 1988 or so. Ever since my friend introduced me to this style, I have always supported it. No matter what happened in the late 80's. Regardless what people say about FreeStyle, I will always buy and pump it. FreeStyle may be dead to some people, but it's always in your heart. Some people are afraid to say they listen to FreeStyle. Why? The reason is 'cuz FreeStyle doesn't get attention like Hip-Hop, House, Salsa, Merengue, etc. No matter what, I will pump FreeStyle til' the day I'd die. I'll be 50 years old with wrinkles, but I will still be pumping the style--FreeStyle. That's because I love FREESTYLE!!!

With years going by and all these NEW artists emerging into the FreeStyle scene. I've seen that FreeStyle is NOT gonna give up easily. Like it did in the late 80's. When HIP-HOP and these new POP groups came along. FreeStyle died slowly due to lack of radio play. That's when Lisette Melendez came out with "Together Forever", with a NEW SCHOOL beat. Also, TKA came out with "Give Your Love To Me" on 1991. This is one of the first songs that utilized the HIP-HOP loops or beats. Ever since these tracks came along, FreeStyle has slowly began to get more attention on radio stations, such as KTU 103.5 and La Mega 97.9. These two stations are playing ALOT of FreeStyle now. But now like when HOT 103.5FM[now HOT 97.1FM] was on the air. KTU plays mostly the OLD sound, while La Mega plays the OLD and some NEW. Fans, like me, would like to see some more FreeStyle played. Just like the old days. Until then, I will continue to support the style. LET'S KEEP IT ALIVE!!!

If you would like to know where we all post and what FreeStyle site I discover first on the NET, then go to The NEW FreeStyle Nation BB. NOTE: You need a PASSWORD and USER NAME to post, but feel FREE to view through the board.

Have you ever said to yourself, "FreeStyle is so hard to find these days?" I know you have. I said the same thing. Then maybe you should try mail orders. These are just a few ON-LINE stores that accept mail orders. Check out Music Blvd or CDNow. Most orders ship within 2-3 days and there's NO HASSLE to stand on line at record store. TRY IT!

Want FreeStyle tapes? If so, visit Marc's Planet Freestyle for hard to find songs. All you gotta do is e-mail him. Also, check out DJ Dez's FreeStyle Page. There you will find NEWS, Tapes, PICs and all sorts of goodies. Take time and visit their sites.

Congratulations! Gary "The Distributor" Juhl of Rochester, NY has just received his business license. Now, we have our connection to those hard to find Freestyle tracks we all been wanting for so long, but couldn't find. Best of wishes go to Gary. Click here to e-mail him for more information.

When you hear Nashville, Tennessee. You think of Country music right? True but did you know that Freestyle does live in Nashville, Tennessee? Yes, it does. Who's responsible for alot of Freestyle there? The answer is Rigoberto M.. Rigobertos' love for Freestyle has drove him into keeping the style alive in Nashville. Who thought of Freestyle in Nashville? I didn't even know. *LOL* One of the few things he has accomplished is getting some airplay at WFSK 88.1 FM in Nashville, TN. He has so many ideas for Freestyle. Rigoberto truly wants Freestyle to grow in many parts of the U.S., like in Nashville. If you want to e-mail him regarding the radio show, if you would like to send promos or just to show your support. Feel free to do so. Click here to e-mail Rigoberto. Definately keeping the style alive!!!

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