Mario's Bio
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Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Mario has been involved in music in one form or another since 1988. He began as a disc jockey for private parties and started getting involved in writing from his love of house music, which was founded in Chicago. He then started putting basic beats to the words he wrote to make his own songs, which were in the hip-house genre. After putting together a few demo songs he used his connections to get in touch with two legends and the founders of the house music movement, Tyree Cooper and Fast Eddie. These innovators took him under their wing and each produced a house track for him, which led to Mario’s signing to the legendary house music label, D.J. International Records in 1991. While with the label, Mario had a single released entitled “Get Into It, Get Funky” and also wrote and performed a rap to freestyle group D’zyre’s “Games of Love” single, their follow up to their billboard smash hit and freestyle classic “Forever A’mor”. Mario also wrote a rap for the group sperock for their popular single “Give Your Love to Me”.

After leaving D.J. International Records in the mid-90’s, Mario hooked up with long time friend and former label-mate, Troy Guy, the frontman for the freestyle group D’zyre. They began to work together on writing freestyle songs and it was through Troy’s urging that Mario started to sing. Mario then began to write, produce and sing on some new songs he was creating and subsequently he put together a 5-song demo tape by himself to show his talents and to hopefully secure a recording contract. This demo went on to be featured in DMA magazine as it’s freestyle pick of the month, Groove magazine as it’s freestyle pick, was reviewed in, given a 4 star rating and one song, “I can’t Go On”, was rated as their #1 song for 2 straight issues as well as getting requests from DJ’s, reviewers and fans from around the globe for personal copies. Through this demo, offers from record labels were coming in before Mario finally decided on signing with PrymeTyme Records out of New York. “I Can’t Go On”, a song from his demo, was released almost immediately on Pryme Tyme’s “Freestyle, A New Dimension in Tyme Vol. 2” compilation. Once again, the song received great reviews as being one of the key songs on the compilation and was mentioned in DMA magazine, and Groove magazine.

Mario left Pryme Tyme Records in 2001 to seek bigger and better opportunities and is now ready to make his biggest move on the freestyle scene. His last song, “Nobody’s Fool” although not released yet, has received rave reviews from his peers, critics and DJ’s from all around. It is currently in the mix at many radio stations around the country. Through his previous reviews and now the buzz from his new material, Mario is ready to work towards his career goal of writing and producing for other artists and establishing himself as a respected member of the freestyle community.