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Armando ( )

First things first, I wasn't gonna comment on this STUPIDITY, but I feel I need to do so. Shouldn't people have PROOF before they FALSELY ACCUSE someone? Where's the PROOF? There is NO PROOF to back that post. Some of you are probably wondering "Why is HE even defending Aimee"? I am NOT here to take sides. I'm just here to say what I gotta say. If you PEOPLE wanna get on my AS* for expressing what I feel, then do it. E-mail me or if you prefer, I'll give YOU my number and you freaking CALL ME. YOU people claim that WE all should keep this kind of CRAP through e-mails, I don't see it done. See, I'm gonna keep real with you. I'M NOT FAKE LIKE SOME PEOPLE ARE IN HERE! If I don't like you, I'm gonna go up to your freakig FACE and tell you. Simple as that. I don't HIDE behind these little electronic monitors like some of you people do. I'm NOT fake like that. I'm REAL!!!

People shouldn't be ACCUSED without having the PROPER PROOF. Get YOUR facts straight and then talk your CRAP. Don't come outta your face and BLAME anyone without any freaking proof. If you people, don't like what you're reading, then I am sorry you're NOT getting what you wanna accomplish. I am sick and tired of all the NONSENSE that goes on in here. We all have our OPINIONS and I believe that we all have the right to EXPRESS them in a PROPER MANNER.

Regarding that post by the person representing "the SFDs". I'm NOT gonna even bother. Hold on! I'm gonna make BELIEVE that I didn't see that post. If you're going to post something, don't be scare and post wth your real name. What are you, SCARE? I don't believe that someone could have so much HATRED towards someone. Like I said, I'm NOT here to take NO SIDES. I'm gonna remain NEUTRAL. I'm just here to express myself, just like YOU FAKES do. If I have a problem with any of you, I'm gonna e-mail you. Also, I'm NOT gonna go so low, and use a FAKE name. This so called "Freestyle Nation" is gonna fall apart because IMMATURE people.

Say whatever you want to say about me because I wrote this. I'm NOT here to offend anybody or add fuel to the fire. I just hope we can come to an ACCORD. Please forgive me for taking your time. I just felt I had to get this off my chest. You know where to reach me if you wanna get in contact with me. Until then, take care and BE REAL!!!

Armando always keepin' it REAL!!!

Mon Oct 12 19:14:26 CDT 1998