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Attn: Freestyle Nation Members, Adam, Laroo's peeps and newbies please excuse what we're about to say! We are posting this ONLY because it needs to be said. As we read the post by Aimee on Friday we realized that she was being "sarcastic" when she talked about us. Lot's of peeps have met us in person and know what we're all about! We must be liked because if weren't, we would have ZILCH people hanging out with us at AC, etc....*smile*. Any comments made pertaining to this post should be done via email. Someone posted a picture of Aimee on this board. BIG FREAKEN DEAL!!! She didn't want her picture posted because she knew what would happen to her if she did. She didn't want what she did to other people happen to her. That is nothing compared to the stunts Aimee has pulled on MANY members of this nation. Aimee has made crude and demeaning remarks about a few of us Divas here on the BB and in Laroo's posting under a fake name. She even stooped so low as to make comments towards an unborn child. She posted a number and picture of a male Nation member who she claims is a friend of hers on a GAY website. Was that supposed to be funny????? Many times she has attempted to sabotage relationships by sending emails full of lies to a nation members loved ones. We also know that she has had a few people's internet accounts cancelled for various reasons, many of which were not true. Plus, Aimee has sent viruses that would crash various peeps computers (did she find this to be amusing??)She has cancelled internet subscriptions of other people. AND SHE DENIES THE WHOLE THING!! She hides behind her little computer acting all innocent, when we know in fact that she is not! This is what PEOPLE consider a good person?? We think people should get their facts straight before defending someone they really know nothing about and HAVE NOT MET! We know what we are talking about and this is just OUR opinion. Have a nice day everyone. JOD "WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND, GIGGLES"..and with that...we're out!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!

Mon Oct 12 15:16:34 CDT 1998