True Passion
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The month was December of 2000. A new singing sensation was about to be born. Their name is ‘True Passion’. This new generation ‘Freestyle’ group is made up of two men. Their names are Joey Tee & Mervin. They met each other at a local bar in Allentown Pennsylvania. Joey Tee handed Mervin a cassette of ‘Johnny O’ and asked him to sing ‘Fantasy Girl’ with him. Mervin decided to do it with Joey Tee and ever since that night ‘True Passion’ was born. Their first single was ‘Quit Playing games’. Even though ‘True Passion’ is not signed to a recording label, they managed to sell their single by the hundreds. That’s where it all started. Mervin & Joey Tee opened up a production company. ‘M2M Productions’ opened their doors September 15, 2001. ‘M2M Productions’ mostly produce ‘Freestyle’ & ‘R&B’, but they also do many other types of music. Within one year ‘True Passion’ already had two albums, ‘Meaning Of Love’ & ‘Bringing Back The Passion’. They are already working on a third album which is planning to come out late summer to early fall. Together Mervin & Joey Tee are trying to ignite the fire that was once put out by the “sharks” in the music business who gave up on the ‘Freestyle’. ‘M2M Productions’ feel that there are too many fans out there that support the music with all their heart. These are the people who are going to make ‘Freestyle bigger than ever.

'True Passion' says, “We know that without the fans supporting us we wouldn’t be nothing. The fans are the most important things to us. They’re the air we breathe.” No matter what happens or how long it’ll take, these guys are going to keep bringing the music alive & kicking. Their goal is to keep pumping the ‘new generation Freestyle’ as long as their fans want to listen. To all you ‘Freestyle’ heads out there, you won’t have to worry about your music dying ever again. You have to respect that, they sure do.